The IB-04 is a multifunctional device. It is simultaneously a DI-Box, a head-phone amplifier, a mixer, a preamp and a boostertype appliance. It can handle two instrument input signals at the same time. The symmetrical output signal from the XLRsocket can be switched to three different operating levels: 0dB, -20dB and -40dB. The signal from the line output (mono or stereo) can be boosted up to 20dB. Additionally there are two tone-controls for this output.

Inputs Impedance1 MOhm
Outputs Impedance10 kOhm
Power Supply9V DC
Current Draw19 mA
Size62x112x50 mm
low: Adjustment of the low frequencies for the line/headphone output.
high: Adjustment of the high frequencies for the line/headphone output.
level: Adjustment of the output-volume for the line/headphone output.