Pig Nose


The PN-04 is an envelope-filter, which is controlled by the dynamics of the instrument. The louder the input-signal, the brighter the tone, the lower the inputsignal, the darker the tone. The PN-04 produces a sound similar to a conventional Wah without using a foot-pedal. The three adjustment-knobs allow a wide variety of wah-sounds, also providing a sensitivity-control to fit the needs of your instrument.

Most guitarists know that True Bypass switching is needed to prevent tone sucking when an effect is not in use; but most True Bypass systems create as many problems as they solve. The Exar Silent True Bypass perfects the art of effect switching. Standard True Bypass systems are based around the mechanical switch. This is a simple and low cost method, but poor reliability, clicking and popping during switching, low quality signal transfer can all be a significant problem. The Exar Silent True Bypass substitutes the unreliable mechanical switch with a jointless magnetic switch, microprocessor and relay, which is practically indestructible. Clicking and popping during switching is eliminated using an innovative microprocessor controlled circuit design. In the space of just a few milliseconds, the signal is short-circuited, the micro-relay contacts are switched, and then the signal is re-connected again. This process is unnoticeable and provides you with noiseless switching of every single effect. Switching is done by a special micro-relay with 24 carat gold-plated contacts providing much better signal transfer. This micro-relay uses very little current and only while switching, so it has almost no effect on battery life. All the benefits of standard True Bypass without any of the problems; the Exar Silent True Bypass sets the new standard.

Size62x112x50 mm
Current Draw5 mA
Input Impedance1 MOhm
Output Impedance10 kOhm
Power Supply9V DC
attack: Adjustment of the attack-time of the filter.
sens: Adjusts the sensitivity of the filter.
depth: Regulates the saturation of the effect.